San Valentino inAPR

Easter in Gradara

Christmas with your ... and Easter in Gradara! The Easter period in Gradara is the right occasion to spoil yourself a bit. Guided tours "The Lordships between Towers, Caves and Castle" for lovers of history and unique atmospheres. Children's itinerary "Easter of Wonders" Family activities "Adventures at the Castle of the Flower Kingdom"

<Gradara '800 a Vapore inAPR

Gradara '800 a Vapore

Vapor returns to Gradara for the third edition of the 360 ​​° Steampunk Event. Enthusiasts, entertainers, artists and artisans will animate this fantastic location for let you experience the emotions and the atmosphere of a uchronic world

<La Notte Rosa InLUG

The Pink night

Throughout the weekend, the Castle of Paolo and Francesca will be open continuously from 8.30 to 18.30 with the possibility of guided tours and historical itineraries; you will be able to climb on the ramparts of Ronda and dominate, like a true Medieval Lord, the whole valley between Malatesta and Montefeltro; you can descend into the Caves of the Historical Museum which houses a collection of instruments of torture, weapons and armor and climb up to the sky with birds of prey and the Falconeria show at the Teatro dell'Aria you can relax the palate in the village premises and finally walk until late at night along the romantic alleys of the village

<World Ducati Week InLUG

World Ducati Week

The long-awaited annual appointment with the Ducati world rally, the World Ducati Week 2019 at Misano is coming up fast! Now in its tenth edition, this year will be a special party for Ducatisti and enthusiasts from all over the world: it is the 26th anniversary of the Monster, which will be celebrated for the joy of all the Monsteristi at the Ducati Garage Contest


Siege to the Castle

Gradara 1446 - The Siege returns with a spectacle never seen before, the greatest ever. 200 figures with horses, camps, provisions and firearms. 1000 kg of fireworks, 2,500 detonators, 50 km of electric cables. Soundtrack played by an orchestra of 50 elements, shooting of the event, live projection on LED wall and live TV.

The Magic Castle InAGO

Castello di..Vino

Wine tasting event in the fantastic village of Gradara: many wineries from the Marche, from Romagna and beyond, will offer their excellence in the setting of the Castle of Paolo and Francesca. Biodynamic wines, natural and organic wines and products with the ancestral method; the edition will boast the presence of wineries from Franciacorta and Valdobbiadene and the vin cotto. The proposal of streetfood and agreed menus that the restaurateurs will propose for the occasion is very rich and varied. The evenings will be animated by live music and by the historical groups of Gradara that will parade through the streets of the village.

Zombie Walk InSET

Zombie Walk

We thought we had stopped the infection ... but we were wrong. The epidemic of last year was just the beginning, the virus would have wiped out almost all of humanity in a short time. We had learned to stay in motion, it seemed the only way to stay alive. Until we realized that to continue our species there was only one way out ... a last hope. "ARCADIA: The last Hope"